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Connect to a projector by IP address on Windows 10

Project to a screen

Press the Windows key + P, and then choose a way to project:PC screen onlyDuplicateExtendSecond screen only

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Hello. On Windows 7 it is possible to connect to a projector by its IP address. But I can't find the same functionality on Windows 10, there is only auto-discovery and there is no possibility to specify IP address of the projector manually

How can I connect to a projector by specifying its IP address on Windows 10? Keyboard shortcut Win + P only gives me auto-discovery option, I cannot "tell" it to use particular IP address. And Windows 7 allows to do that

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So I will be asking few questions to narrow down the concern and get into the resolution right away, okay?


Have you made any changes in your computer such as updates or is there any error message being captured the moment you tried to connect to a projector by specifying its IP address on Windows 10?

No, you got it wrong. I simply cannot find such functionality - to connect to a projector knowing its IP address. On Windows 7 it's pretty straightforward, I'll show you:


but there is no such thing on Windows 10

or is it?

That's the question

I'm sorry but I'm unable to check the link your provided me,

Thanks for letting me know. So since there's no changes made prior encountering the issue, as your personal technician, I would like to completely set your expectation that we will do basics that may resolve the issue and I'll make sure the step by step instruction will be given as simple as ABC. In case that the issue will not be sorted with the basics then we will discuss different options later on.

But you're missing the point here. The question is: is it even possible on Windows 10?

To connect to a projector knowing its IP address?

let me go ahead and check


please allow me 2-3 minutes to check on my resources

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May I know what is the brand of the projector?


But it's not related to the projector at all

It's Windows functionality

there is such functionality on Windows 7, it works with all projectors brands

And there is no su in Windows 10, apparently


I see. I think there are some support on Epson about network connectivity. If I may ask, what Build of windows 10 do you have?

There are some functions that was changed in windows 10 that might deferred some commands on lower versions of Windows.

Again, Epson has nothing to do with that.

And the build of my Windows 10 is: 10.0.14393

Again, the question is pretty simple: "Is it possible to connect to a projector via network knowing its IP address by specifying this IP address manually? On any build of Windows 10?"

I see. I suggest you run windows update so that some functions will be allowed. We can check if it will let you have that configuration on Build 1607

My Windows 10 is up to date and there are no updates available

It is possible in Build 1607

Ah, okay

I see

Can you send me the ABC instructions for how to do it in Windows 10 build 1607 then? :)

I would be really grateful

sure, we can go ahead and send the email for the instructions.


Do you have a preferred email address so that I can send it to you?


all possible resources I will search it for you, usually it might take 10 - 15 minutes

No rush here

no need to worry, rest assure I will send it to you

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Thank you

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