Winter is coming, and it’s time to find a nearest (or any) swimming pool, as outdoor running is becoming a less attractive activity. Knowing norwegian prices for everything, I was prepared (not really) for the worst, but it turned out, that I shouldn’t.

Googling with “Oslo swimming pool” did not bring much options. Moreover, it didn’t show me the pool I chose in the end. All the options from Google search didn’t suit me: pretty much all of them were way to far from the place I live.

And what I found in the end was Athletica Domus. It’s a sport-center, that has a swimming pool among other activities.

The pool is 25 meters long with 6 tracks:

Athletica Domus, swimming pool

The price is quite amazing. You can purchase a yearly subscription which is ~250 NOK per month, or monthly subscription, which is ~280 NOK per month + 100 NOK one-time entry fee. But that’s for swimming pool only and you can go there only on workdays (from Monday to Friday) and before 13:00. Which is perfect for me, because I only need a swimming pool and I go there before my work starts.

But if you want a full access to all activities in the sport-center and you don’t want to have any time limitations, then price is higher, but still is quite good - around 550 NOK per month. I think, it’s a bargain.

There are parking stands for the bicycles outside (of course, there are). And as the place is totally reachable by bike for me - it’s just great. And for the winter times there is a T-bane station in 3 minutes walk.

Locker-room has lockers, but without locks:

Athletica Domus, locker-room

You need to have your own lock to be able to lock your locker. And you can purchase it right away at the reception for ~80 NOK. And also a rubber band for your hand (~10 NOK) to chain a key to it. You see, they’ve got (sell) everything.

Everything looks nice and clean: the floor, showers and stuff. There are hair dryers (at least, I saw two) as well. And there are stands to jump into water (not shown at the picture). The pool itself is not deep enough, in my opinion (about 2 meters in the deepest part).

Regarding the documents/permission from the doctor - it’s not required. Everybody is healthy by default, I guess.

And the downside of the low price - it’s a bit crowded even at 07:00 in the morning - like, every track has 3 people (at least). If you go right to the opening time (06:30), then it’s better - 1-2 people per track, but in 30 minutes it will be 07:00, so…

And also about the crowd. Mostly of the visitors are fine, but once there was an old fuck, who got into queue for the hair dryer right in front of me and then he used it to dry his hairy legs, then his fucking ass (literally!), his balls and finished with his bald head. No, seriously! That what happened. I will never touch this hair dryer again. All my hope is on the Towelie.