This morning I had 3 tablets on my table:

  • iPad Air (2013);
  • Nexus 10 from Samsung (2012);
  • Nexus 7 from Asus (2013).

All of them had obsolete versions of operating system (iOS and Android). And I tried to bring them up-to-date.

To update both of Android tablets to the latest possible version I had to perform the operation several times. Literally, after each “update” it kept offering me a newer one. So, I did about 7 (seven) “updates” for each device till it finally shut up. Total amount of time wasted: more that 2 hours for both updating in parallel (with some more for Nexus 7, cause it had more updates). And the maximum version it could get for Nexus 10 was Android 5.1.1, and for Nexus 7 - Android 6.0.1. While the latest version is actually 7.1.2.

To update iPad to the latest iOS it was enough to perform an update just once - it got the current version right away, the whole update process took about 30 minutes. And it was really the latest iOS 10.3.2.

…So, I heard, some Android tablets (and phones) are now actually more expensive than iOS devices? Well, nuff said, if they are failing and have bad UX even with such tasks.