• Making a deb package with CMake/CPack and hosting it in a private APT repository

    2021-09-23 | 19 min read

    Last time I needed to handle a C++ library project with CMake. This time I was tasked with creating a deb package for one of the libraries in our SDK.

    CMake, CPack, deb package

    And what would you know, CMake can handle packaging too - with CPack utility.

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  • Qt for WebAssembly and custom OpenGL via QQuickFramebufferObject

    2021-08-29 | 12 min read

    It is amazing what kind of crazy ideas people might come up with. One of our users decided that they want to use our visualization engine inside their Qt application on Windows and Linux (so far so good) and also to build a version for WebAssembly to target web-browsers (fucking hell).

    Qt, WebAssembly, QQuickFramebufferObject

    Very surprisingly to me, this actually works!

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  • Azure DevOps Artifacts package promotion

    2021-07-21 | 12 min read

    Some time after we started to publish our packages to Azure DevOps Artifacts, users told us that they cannot see new versions of the packages until those are “promoted to Release view”. And indeed, there is a concept of “views”, and packages can be “promoted” to certain views:

    Azure DevOps Artifacts package version promotion

    Apparently, that is the case when someone consumes packages not directly from your feed, but from their own feed with your feed being an upstream source.

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  • How to block Apple TV updates

    2021-07-11 | 6 min read

    Apparently, Apple thought that we will be delighted to get fullscreen update prompts on Apple TV like this one from time time but mostly when you expect them the least:

    Apple TV fullscreen update prompt

    They just show up randomly on system start or simply on top of an application, if you leave it unattended for some time. And there is no setting in system preferences which would allow you to disable those.

    You can, however, blacklist Apple update servers with firewall or DNS, and that will stop these prompts from showing up.

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  • New server and remark42 comments

    2021-05-30 | 20 min read

    I decided to move from GitHub Pages to my own server with my own domain. Also I switched from commenting system based on GitHub issues to remark42 comment engine.

    Moving to a new server

    So the main website and the origin is now on https://decovar.dev/, and https://retifrav.github.io/ will continue to exist as a mirror on GitHub Pages.

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  • Let's Encrypt certificate with acme.sh instead of Certbot

    2021-04-05 | 15 min read

    I needed to set-up a new website with HTTPS and so I took Let’s Encrypt procedure from my past instructions. But to my surprise, Certbot is installed via Snap now, which is just retarded. That discovery triggered me to remember that I read about other ways of getting Let’s Encrypt certificate, such as acme.sh.

    acme.sh instead of Certbot

    On top of that, last month Electronic Frontier Foundation (creators of Certbot) announced that they have joined the hounding of Richard Stallman, so now they can go fuck themselves for sure.

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  • Building RetroShare on Mac OS

    2021-04-01 | 14 min read

    A couple of weeks ago RetroShare has released version 0.6.6. But while download page offers quite a variety of pre-built packages for different operating systems, there is no 0.6.6 build for Mac OS (only 0.6.5 is available).

    RetroShare splash

    I found this peculiar, so I decided to try to build it from sources myself. It also seemed like a good opportunity to finally try RetroShare, as it has been available for more than 15 years, and I’ve heard many good things about it.

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  • Creating a C++ library with CMake

    2021-03-08 | 22 min read

    All of the sudden I found myself in a situation that I have been successfully avoiding so far - I needed to make a C++ library with CMake.

    CMake and a library

    To clarify, this will be about so-called normal kind of library.

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  • Постоянный вид на жительство в Норвегии

    2021-02-21 | 9 min read

    Наконец-то прошло больше трёх лет как я в Норвегии, и стало можно получить постоянный вид на жительство (в оригинале “permanent oppholdstillatelse” или “permanent residence permit”).

    Норвежский постоянный вид на жительство

    Забегая вперёд, самое сложное (долгое) во всём процессе это прохождение необходимых курсов по норвежскому языку. Разумеется, помимо ожидания пока наберётся минимально необходимый срок проживания в Норвегии.

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  • Gollum - Git-based Markdown wiki

    2021-01-07 | 11 min read

    We needed to create an internal knowledge base, preferably based on a wiki-engine. The requirements were:

    • in-house hosting
    • simple maintenance
    • no vendor-lock - ideally, storing articles as plain-text files
    • customization and styling
    • not overloaded with gigabytes of fancy JS-frameworks
    • version control
    • Markdown markup

    From my own researching and evaluating, there are very few wikis that meet all the requirements, and out of those Gollum seems to be the best.

    Gollum wiki (original picture: https://www.deviantart.com/aronimo717/art/Hobbit-Gollum-431742580)

    Even though it has its own installation guide, for me that wasn’t enough, so here are my guides for Linux and Mac OS, plus some customizing and tweaking.

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